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Hurricane Impact Windows: The Best Choice for Your Replacement Windows

Dec 17

Hurricane Impact Windows: The Best Choice for Your Replacement Windows

Those living in hurricane-prone areas, such as Florida and the Gulf Coast, are constantly reminded of the danger of natural disasters. If you are one of these people who want to ensure your home is safe from hurricanes, hurricane impact windows are the best choice for your replacement window needs.

The best choice for replacement windows is hurricane impact windows from These windows are available in a variety of different varieties to accommodate the needs of any homeowner, but they offer one big benefit: security. Not only are these windows designed to withstand high winds and flying debris, but they also come with many other benefits that make them worth the investment.

Hurricane impact windows offer six key benefits that make them the best choice for any homeowner looking to replace their current window option.

The 6 Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

 1. Energy Savings

 Regular windows and doors in your home will account for up to a third of the heat or air conditioning loss from your house.

 Our replacement Hurricane Impact Windows are installed will keep you from losing 30 percent on average of your heat and air conditioning.

 2. Peace of Mind Protection

 Ordinary windows are readily broken into by intruders. Most alarm systems don't have glass break detection, so burglars can easily break regular windows and reach in and unlock the window and then crawl through.

After our Hurricane Impact Windows are installed, they will serve as a general deterrent to burglars, because they cannot easily break through the glass and will just move on to an easier house to target.

 3. Your Homes' air quality will Improve.

 Old windows and doors enable conditioned air to escape while also allowing allergens to enter. They are often made of a thin single pane of glass that heats up fast, releasing heat into the surrounding interior air, resulting in an average energy loss of 30% monthly. Aside from that, single-pane windows do not provide any damaging UV protection, causing items exposed to direct sunlight to fade and discolor. These items include furniture, paintings, carpets, and carpeting.

Our impact window and impact door frames are constructed with many layers of weather barriers to keep water and contaminants that affect general air quality out. These weather barriers also help to preserve the cool air inside your home. Impact glass is available in a variety of thicknesses, hues, and densities, but they are all laminated together. The plastic interlayer acts as a thin radiant barrier between the exterior and interior glass, blocking 90 percent of damaging UV rays.

4. Category 5 Storm Protection

 Hurricane shutters only. This does not give you complete protection in the case of a hurricane. Also, if you are not on-site to close them, they may remain open.

 Impact windows and doors from are designed to protect a home against hurricanes of all sizes, even Category 5 storms, all year long. With our passive hurricane protection systems, we ensure that our clients' properties are prepared for even the most severe hurricanes.

5. Value of Property goes Up with the installation of Impact Windows

Old windows and doors have chipped paint, fading colors, and cloudy glass that has formed small mineral deposits that are impossible to remove with a simple cleaning. This has an adverse effect on a home's curb appeal, resulting in a fall in its value.

After-Modern impact windows and doors are painted just like cars at a vehicle factory. The extrusions are coated in a controlled paint booth to provide a consistent finish. Installing new impact windows and doors from will significantly improve a property's exterior appeal while also having a favorable influence on the property's value over time. Our entry impact door solutions alone have the potential to improve the perceived value of your property by up to 4.5 percent.

6. Savings on Insurance

 A COMMON PROBLEM: Hurricane-affected areas, such as South Florida, have specific requirements for homeowner's insurance plans that must be adhered to. The entry and exit points of a property, sometimes known as the windows and doors, have a significant impact on the cost of most insurance premiums. It is possible for homeowners to pay as much as double their typical premium if they do not have passive storm protection installed.

 OUR SOLUTION INCLUDES: When installing Hurricane Impact windows and doors at all of their house's entry and exit points, customers have reported big savings on their yearly insurance premiums, depending on the size of their home, its location, and the insurance company they choose.

 In Conclusion

Hurricane impact windows offer six key benefits that make them the best choice for any homeowner looking to replace their current window option. This includes superior protection from natural disasters, outstanding energy efficiency, savings on insurance, better air quality, increased security, and improved property values.

 If you are interested in replacing your home's windows with hurricane impact windows, take the time to call 727-900-5588 and schedule a free window inspection plus visit our website for more information.

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