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Mar 18

Waterloo-Kitchener & Cambridge's Best Choice for Outdoor Cleaning Services: Windows, Vinyl/Aluminum Siding, Eavestroughs, Gutters, & More!

Mac-Klean offers one of the best outdoor cleaning service for the Tri-City area in Ontario. Providing pure-water cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties located in Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo and the surrounding area. Mac-Klean specializes in detailing, including vinyl/aluminum siding, interior and exterior windows as well as scrubbing and clearing eavestroughs and pressure washing. Our exterior cleaning services are quite popular for the residents of  the Tri-City area seeking to brighten up their homes curb appeal. House detailing services are ideal when bringing your home back to life and can help improve the resale value of your property.


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Mac-Klean uses a 5 stage water purification system to ensure your windows and siding are cleaned with a spotless shine. The water used has been filtered through our system to remove all impurities leaving us pure water. This method is eco friendly and chemical free which will not harm your gardens during any detailing service but is the best technique for window cleaning.

Interior and exterior window cleaning should be a priority for every Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge home at least twice a year. Plus your home's siding should be cleaned every three to four years to keep it looking it's best. Cleaning the dust and dirt that gathers throughout the seasons is important to extend the life of both your windows, screens, siding and eaves troughs.

Now let's talk gutter and eavestrough cleaning. They're the reason why basements don't flood and roofs don't leak.

But what happens when gutters become clogged with debris? Unfunctional gutters and eavestroughs can not only be damaging to your property but may end up causing you a tremendous amount of money if not cleaned properly.

Regular gutter cleaning should be part of your commercial or residential property's maintenance routine. And it's recommended that you clean your eavestroughs twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall after the leaves are off the trees. Waterloo and the tri-city area are beautiful places to live because of all of our mature trees. But as gorgeous as they are to look at, their leaves left in your Waterloo gutters could end in an expensive home renovation.


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Mac-Klean also offers pressure washing services in the tri-city area. Let us bring your old decks back to life and make your fences appear almost brand new again. We use a low pressure and an eco friendly chemical so no damage to the deck or vegetation around it.

Living in Cambridge, Kitchener or Waterloo Ontario can be beautiful, but your home's appearance can take a beating from the Canadian elements. These elements can leave your home looking pretty dirty in any season. Mac-Klean is your number one choice for cleaning these ugly issues away!

Let Mac-Klean provide you with a quick and affordable quote for your Waterloo and area property for any of our exterior cleaning solutions today.

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