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Window Glass Film Can Help Cool You Off

Aug 29

Window film can be a valuable investment in protecting your property. What is window glass film? You can find out everything you need to know right here.

How can you add value to your home? Landscaping, lighting, and flooring are all investments. Window films are an easy way to add value in your home.

Window films in combination with other window treatments are an asset.

Window film protects your glass at home, work, and office. Window film can protect your glass panes and save you money in long term. Window film can also preserve the beauty of your property.

Keep reading to discover what window film is and why you need it.

What does Window Film mean?

Window film can be transparent or translucent and is applied to the glass windows' outer surface. It regulates and reduces the light transmitted through the glass. NASA invented the technology to protect astronauts in space from radiation and heat.

Window films are being used in many industries today for different purposes.

Window films are used for either decorative or functional purposes. Window films that are decorative can give privacy to a room. This is useful for when people are asleep or changing clothes. The functional window film can provide protection against harmful UV rays as well as glare and heat from sunlight.

Why window tints are necessary?

Window tints made from non-toxic material are available. The tint will not scratch window glass. They are easy-to-apply and to remove. You can enjoy the world through a tinted glass while being protected.

Window film is something that many people understand. Many people aren't aware of the importance of window tints. Here are the key reasons to have window tints installed in your house, car, or workplace.

Energy Savings

Window tinting helps to reduce heat transfer through windows. This will maintain a constant home temperature. This helps you save money on energy.


Are you worried about strangers looking into your office or home? Window tint allows natural light in the room while providing privacy.

UV protection

Window tinting adds protection to windows from the damaging UV rays. The UV rays can cause irreparable damage to furniture and flooring as well as fade drapes, linens, and other fabrics.


Window tinting helps pets and children stay safe from the glass. Tints can reduce reflection and transparency. This protects birds and animals from flying through the glass.

Weather Protection

Window tinting blocks rain and snow from getting in through windows. Vinyl safety film, for example, can protect your window glass from hailstorms. This will protect your windows and family members as well as employees.

Types and styles of window tints

There are two main types: metalized films and dyed films. Both are available with a variety colors.

Dyed Films

Dyed films contain a dye which absorbs light. They reduce sunlight's penetration through the windows. This makes it possible to manage privacy in your own home.

Dyed films are compatible with metalized film, which blocks the sun's heat.

Metalized Films

To reflect the sun's radiation, metalized films contain different metals like gold, silver, or platinum. Your car will be kept cooler by the heat reflected in its atmosphere.

Additionally, metalized film is great for improving visibility and reducing the glare. This makes them great for sunny conditions.

Many metallic films also resist scratches. These films will protect your glass from everyday wear.

There are many kinds of window tints. They can be grouped by their material and functionality.

Some are meant to block the UV rays of the sun while others protect against infrared. There is also the privacy film (anti-graffiti), solar film, and many others. Each tint serves a different purpose.

It is important to understand the differences in order to make the right choice.

It is important to know the price difference between expensive and cheap window tints. A simple film will be the most cost-effective. It does not provide protection against heat or ultraviolet rays. However, it can be privacy-enhancing.

Polycarbonate is the most costly option. It blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays and heat. It also comes with a layer of ceramic for insulation.

Window Film Price and Prices

Window film pricing and cost are always hot topics in the industry. It is not possible to give an exact price or cost. Pricing depends on the type of film you choose, the installation method and how big your windows.

Window film for residential use costs around $10 per square ft in the United States. Prices for commercial windows tinting applications vary depending on how large the windows are.

Large office buildings might pay $50 for window film per square foot. This is for interior residential projects. A $10-$20 charge is added for exterior work. Solar film costs about $30 per square footage.

Window tinting prices will vary depending on whether the job is done professionally, or if you do it yourself.

Window films are a cost-effective and professional way to give your business an elegant look. They can help your business stand out to customers. These products can help you save money on energy.

A good window tint job should last at least seven years. There are however some factors that could reduce the lifetime. Window tints can last up to seven years if they are in harsh environments.

Window tint's durability can also be affected by the material used. Although it is more costly to invest in high quality window tints, you will get great value for your investment.

Window Tints Available Today

Windows can be functional and beautiful. But they can also make you more vulnerable to the sun and air pollution. Window film is an excellent way to protect your home and family from the weather.

It's easy to understand the advantages of window film, and there are no reasons not to use the Window tinting Bend Oregon service!

To discuss the best way to help you install new window films, please contact our team for a complimentary quote.


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