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Make Your Home Shine with a Window Cleaning

Aug 30

If you're looking to start the new Year in a new area, you will want to ensure your old home has the most curb appeal. There are many ways to increase the value and price of your house, while keeping it affordable. We can provide several of these services. We'll detail our services over the next few days, so you understand exactly what we offer.

Window washing has been one our core services over the past 23 years here in Naples. So, we're very familiar with cleaning windows, even those that are difficult!

Here are some glass services we offer for you at your business or home:


At Naples Window Cleaning - We do a lot with glass and windows, and we are really good at it! We can clean your windows, regardless of whether they are vintage or double-hung. Windows can be cleaned beyond basic cleaning.


Water Spot Treatment - If your windows are old and have mineral deposits, we can remove them. What do you mean? We have a special compound that will make those spots disappear.


Window scraping can be a great option if your windows aren't being cleaned in a while. From tree sap and pollen to dirt and mold, we can make a huge difference.


Window seal cleaning and screen cleaning make a significant difference. You can get a dirty look on your windows both inside and outside if they aren't cleaned regularly. Dirt, bugs, and more can build up.


Cleaning Lantern Glass will make your lights glow and it is often the last thing to be cleaned.


Skylight Cleaning must be done because these glasses take a beating and trap more dirt than normal windows.


Chandelier Cleaning - yes, they are also glass! We clean chandeliers every other week. This means we know how to be careful while still getting the job done.


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