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Get a Window Washing on Your House to Give it New Life

Sep 1

There's nothing like walking into a clean house. It gives guests a wonderful first impression. It gives a sense of well-being and happiness to the resident. The carpets are cleaned, the floors are mopped and polished, the counters sparkle, and there is an underlying scent of cleaning chemicals in the air. It's far easier to make your home look good than to let it become dirty.

Today, we'll be focusing on a single area: window washing.

Experts recommend cleaning your windows at least once per year. But there are ways to keep them looking bright and shining all year. Window washing will be almost as easy as cleaning the panes with these window washing hacks!

You can start by hiring a Windows Washing Albany Oregon team. You don't have to buy professional cleaning equipment. We will provide the tools you need.

  • Squeegee -- one of the most crucial tools in window cleaning, and almost as fun as it is to use! You should buy one that fits inside multi-pane windows.
  • Natural Sea Sponge Can be found at any home improvement shop, or sometimes in a pineapple under water.
  • Lint free Rag-- A cloth diaper can be used to truly baby your windows.
  • Window Cleaning Solution This simple window cleaning method is the best for you. Use warm water. Add a cup white vinegar, enough dish soap (such Dawn, Palmolive), and enough water. The solution will stick to the squeegee, leaving no streaks. One or two squirts should suffice.

Now that your kit is ready, wait until it's time. You don't want your windows to be exposed to direct sunlight. It's best to choose a time when it isn't too hot or cloudy. You will need to remove the screens and place a towel on top to catch any drips.

To clean your windows, dip the sponge into the window cleaning solution. For stubborn grime, you may use a razor-blade scraper. But be careful not to scratch your fingers!

Even though we may have started our own business, this is not the right way to squeegee the windows. Use a circular motion to ensure the best results and minimize mess. After squeegeeing, wipe any residue with a lint free cloth.

Trouble-Free Windows. Clear View.

Like any other tool, ensure your sponge and squeegee work well before you use them. Newspaper or paper towels are not recommended if you are looking for a quick cleaning solution. In an emergency, a coffee filter works wonders. The dirt can be reduced by taking the screens out of the house.

Your windows won't need to be updated, unlike the operating system on your computer. This will make your home look so much better!


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