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Read This Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Sep 25

Commercial cleaning may be necessary if you own business. This is why it is so important to know all the implications of your decision. These are the things you need to be aware of before hiring a cleaning service.

  • Prices for cleaning services:

It is important to think about what a fair cost is for cleaning your space.

  • Cleaning included in the price

Each cleaning company's cleaning service is different. It is therefore important to fully understand the cleaning that is included in the quoted price.

  • Frequency for cleaning:

The cleaning service will ask you whether you would like your place cleaned one-time, daily, or weekly.

  • Where to find the space that needs cleaning:

Cleaning companies will need to know your exact location in order to calculate the cost of cleaning.

You need to budget for cleaning your office every year. So that you are aware of the price of commercial cleaning in your region, it is important to be able to assess whether you are paying an affordable price. Make sure you know what services are included in your price to ensure you know exactly what you are getting. You need to know how often you would like your business cleaned. Commercial cleaning services are expensive. You can make sure your cleaning crew is more comfortable so they are able to do a great cleaning job. These points will be discussed below.

Average Cleaning Cost

Cleaning the space for your company will depend on the size of the space. However, some companies charge a per-hour cleaning fee.

  • Pricing per square foot:

Some cleaning services charge a flat fee for each square foot. Others charge based on what type of business it's and the services they provide. You can get an idea of what businesses charge for 1,000 square feet. If you add 1,000 feet, it will cost more than $100.

  • Pricing per Hour:

The hourly charge for commercial cleaning can be between $39-$60. Prices will vary depending on the experience. You will get what you pay. Your best interests are to ensure that you get a great cleaning service and that your business is protected. Professional cleaners should be respectful when cleaning commercial spaces.

What services are included in commercial cleaners?

Each cleaning company may have different cleaning charges. They might base their pricing on the type of space and configuration. This could include cleaning the common areas in an office such as hallways or conference rooms. Unless you have made special arrangements with them (usually at an additional cost), they will not clean employee's desks and around expensive equipment. In retail environments, they may only clean the floors and bathrooms. A separate commercial window cleaning company may be needed if you need the windows cleaned in your commercial space. It will all depend on how large and high the windows are.

Frequency of cleaning

As I mentioned before, you have the ability to set the frequency of cleaning your commercial space. You can choose between weekly, daily, and one-time cleaning.

  • Onetime Cleaning

This type of cleaning usually costs a bit more. This is because cleaning companies want regular customers to earn more work. Cleaning companies will not have a thorough knowledge of the space or its condition if they are cleaning your space for the very first time. The cleaning company will ask for a walk-through to assess the space and determine the final price. Although prices for one-time cleanings can vary widely, they can be expected to charge around $250. The cost of the service will also vary depending on where it is performed and what the cost of living in the area. On average, you might pay $800 or more for this service.

  • Daily Clean

Commercial cleaning services offer discounts to customers who use their services regularly. Most clients require that their space be cleaned on a daily basis. This usually takes less time and is easier to maintain. As a janitorial service may be able, they might be able to clean your place every day after you close your business hours. For businesses that have customers, it is common to require daily cleaning so they can make a good impression.

  • Weekly cleaning

This type of cleaning is done usually on Fridays and weekends, after the work week is over. As there was no cleaning done during a week, it requires a deep cleaning. The weekly cost for this cleaning is between $150-$250. The price will vary depending on how many cleaners you need and how long it takes.

Your commercial cleaning company staff should be treated with respect. So that they come back to your place, make sure you offer basic accommodations. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Access To Parking

The parking situation at your business location will determine how easy it is for the cleaning crew. Parking fees can be paid, or the parking area must be validated.

  • Access Water, Snacks, And Bathroom

You must ensure that your cleaning crew feels at home in your space. If they feel comfortable, they will be more than happy to clean. Provide water and snacks to them. You can be certain they will enjoy cleaning your space and will treat it well. It is important that they have easy access and use of the bathroom. You will have a cleaner space and your crew will be more motivated to clean it.

Do you require janitorial assistance for your commercial space or office? A trusted office cleaning Bend Oregon company will uphold your corporate image, while providing a welcoming environment to your employees and customers.

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